Do you think about having a life without your partner and without your children?

That is also the children’s thinking when they hear that their mother and father will divorce. Suddenly, they will learn many things alone and all at the same time. Children will need to develop their new life between two different worlds and maybe find a third one. They must build a new life without their mother or without a father. But what are the consequences for children? According to Danish statistics:

** Each year, 22,000 children change their homes, schools, municipalities, friends, doctors, etc. They lose their own private life and their well-being identity. They become children of divorced parents.

** Children are also involved in a power play between parents. For example, they are notified when they are going to visit their dad “say hello to your father and tell him at he has not paid the child support for the month”

** After a few years, the child chooses his father or mother. The children have survived so many unpleasant situations in which they themselves conclude that it is enough. And they say enough!

** At the same time the statistics also report that there are 2.2 million hospitalizations and annual consultations due to problems of
health: anxiety and depression in Denmark. 70% are women and 2% are children under 15 years old. But

What should we do?

How can we manage this country? How do we change our misconceptions about love and family?
Can we change from the country of divorce to the “Country of Love? Could not we start thinking? “I do not know what happens in my parents life? or in my grandparents life? But here and now I will give myself the opportunity to learn about love and continue living in the true love. I want a family with peace and harmony “It is something we deserve for ourselves and our descendants!

We will be happy to help you and your spouse discover how to avoid divorce statistics and health problems. You must learn about love, where “adversity” does not belong to you. Learn and build a happy and positive family. A family that you love and can keep and carry in your heart. Love is not a philosophy. It is a lifestyle.

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